Natural Throat Jellies

The choking hazard of throat lozenges are obviously not an option when your toddler has a sore throat. And I doubt they would enjoy sipping on med-lemon or ginger tea. So what is a parent to do? My sister-in-law comes to the rescue with these ingenious throat jellies. The rate at which my niece gobbles them up is proof that they are a winner  – one that the whole family can enjoy too.

The proof is in the pudding right? Well, this pudding boasts cold-fighting, throat-soothing ingredients. Honey, lemon and fresh ginger is a well-known remedy for cold symptoms. Whip ’em up into a jelly, and you have a healing dessert. I never thought I’d use the words “healing” and “dessert” in the same sentence, but who’s complaining?

Recipe Variations & Substitutions

You can find all of the ingredients at most grocery stores. Gelatine is usually in the baking aisle. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you can use agar agar powder as a substitute for gelatin. You can find raw honey at Dischem or Faithful to Nature.

Have you made this recipe? Please let me know how effective this remedy was for you or your children, in the comments below.


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