Nourishing Bath Milk

Bath milk is like a spa in a bottle, which makes it a great gift. The fats & proteins found in whole milk moisturise your skin, and will leave it feeling soft and supple. Milk will also soothe skin irritations like sunburn, itching and possibly even some types of eczema. But how do we make a bath milk that will last long enough to be stored in the cupboard, and possibly under the Christmas tree? The answer is milk powder.

You can customise this recipe and use any essential oils, herbs and flowers that you have or prefer. Here are some suggestions:


Cost Price: R34 per 250ml.
Lasted me about: 1 bath.
Estimated shelf life: 6 months (stored in an air-tight jar away from moisture).

*Costs accurate at the time of writing, and based on the best retail prices I’ve found.


Depending on where you live, finding full cream powdered milk  may be a challenge since not all grocery stores stock it. Shopping online at Pick ‘n Pay, or Faithful to Nature will solve this problem though.


This is a very affordable & quick gift to make.


  • Whole milk powder:  Fats & proteins in milk moisturise & soothe skin irritations. This is not necessarily baby formula, but rather actual milk in powdered form. Look out for Nestle‘s brand in grocery stores. Alternatively, you can use rice, almond or coconut milk powder.
  • Epsom salts: Detoxifies the body, improves muscle and nerve function, reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation, replenishes the body’s magnesium levels and sulfates. You can find this inexpensive product in almost any grocery store or online here.
  • Essential oils: Each have their own aromatherapeutic benefits. (buy organic essential oils here).
  • Herbs/ flowers: Have the same properties as their essential oils, but in a much less concentrated form. These also add a pretty texture to the milk bath. You can use either dried or fresh herbs and flowers. However, dried herbs will last longer. If you are using fresh, then make sure to clean the herbs thoroughly and add to the recipe once dry (i.e. no water residue).

Need help finding these, or other ingredients? My shopping guide may help you.

Recommended Retail Option

If DIY isn’t your thing, then I personally recommend Beautiful Earth‘s Bath Milk, which I have used and approved. It’s not a powder, like this recipe, but it is wonderfully nourishing and smells divine. It is much more expensive than making your own bath milk though. (buy here)

How have you customised this bath milk recipe – which botanicals and essential oils did you use? Please share your ideas in the comments below.


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