How to make natural eyeshadow

diy eyeshadow recipeOne thing to always remember about making your own natural makeup is, don’t expect too much. Don’t expect the same coverage, colours and staying power as store-bought cosmetics. In order to make your own natural makeup at home (and not in a lab), the ingredients need to be simple to find and easy to combine. Having said that, let’s all remember that natural makeup is just that – it’s natural. And that goes for the kind of coverage and colours you can expect from it too. So it’s best to keep your DIY makeup for everyday natural looks, and rather opt to buy a good brand of natural/ organic makeup products for more glamorous occasions. This is true for any homemade makeup, including my powder blush, cream blush and tinted lip balm recipes.

COST & SHELF LIFEwhere to buy ingredients for natural eyeshadow recipe

Lasted me about: 1 year (using occasionally)

Estimated shelf life: 2 years (stored in an airtight container away from moisture)

Remember: Most of these ingredients have a long shelf life and are common in natural recipes, so you will be left with ingredients to make more recipes, and won’t have to buy everything all over again.

*Costs accurate at time of writing this blog post. Costs based on the best available prices I’ve personally found.


  • Limited to natural tones of white-grey, brown and beige.
  •  Wipes off more easily than mineral makeup and mica powder. Applying it to well-moisturised skin helps it stay put. Otherwise, you may want to look into buying a good organic or natural eyeshadow. I personally recommend buying from Inthusiasm, as their products are the most affordable and contain only a few simple and necessary ingredients (compared to other natural products with long lists of ingredients I know nothing about). 


  • Only takes a quick minute to make, and is really cheap!


  • Bentonite clay: Rich in minerals and detoxifies the skin by absorbing toxins beneath the skin. (buy here)

Please note: I have not been able to source mica powder locally, except from this wholesaler (i.e. It’s not available to the general public. They are a business-to-business supplier). The closest thing I’ve found which is available to the public is Inthusiam‘s powder which contains mica powder and other natural minerals, and it comes in a variety of colours. In the meantime, you will have to buy pure mica powder internationally from a website like Amazon. If you happen to find a local supplier, please let me know so I can share the details on my blog. I’d really appreciate it.

Not sure where to find these or other ingredients? My shopping guide may help you.

Homemade natural eyeshadow
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  1. 1 Teaspoon Bentonite clay
  2. Organic cocoa powder (add according to the colour intensity you desire)
  1. Makes approximately 10ml.
  2. Half a teaspoon, or even a pinch at a time add the cocoa powder to the bentonite clay until you have your desired colour. If you want a white-grey colour, exclude the cocoa powder and use the bentonite clay only.
  3. Store in an airtight container away from moisture (i.e. steamy bathrooms are a bad idea unless you know your jar is airtight. You don't want it to form clumps.)
  1. 1) If you want a stronger brown colour, start with the cocoa powder as your base and lighten it accordingly by adding the bentonite a little bit at a time. The bentonite will help your eyeshadow stay put.
  2. 2) Apply to moisturised skin for the longest lasting coverage.
  3. 3) Another option for homemade eyeshadow is to use mica powder in the colour of your choice. This is more expensive and difficult to find, but mica powder provides much better coverage and lasts longer.
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