Makeup remover: one ingredient

organic makeup remover recipe with one ingredient.What if I told you, the makeup removal process doesn’t have to be so tedious? You can use one natural ingredient to remove makeup, cleanse your skin and moisturize all in one go. 

Life’s no fairytale, I can’t fall asleep like Sleeping Beauty, and wake up looking just the same as years before with mascara in tact and lipstick smudge-free. Instead, I resemble a raccoon. We are governed by the makeup commandment, you know, “Thou shalt not sleep with makeup on thy face”. Every night we scrub once, twice and three times over, then wipe again with toner; only to apply the same makeup the next morning.

In order to remove makeup quickly and easily you need…oil. I know many of you are probably looking at your screen wide-eyed, thinking I’m crazy to suggest that you apply oil to your face.

But chill.

It can’t be worse than the synthetic toxins in your face wash, or current makeup remover. So let me explain the method to my madness:

This is known as the oil cleansing method. You see…oil dissolves oil, and your makeup is mostly oil-based. Your pores contain natural oils too, which get polluted after a long day. When you apply a nourishing oil to your face, you will dissolve the makeup as well as cleanse the oil in your pores by replacing it with a clean source of nutrients. After removing the makeup, there will still be a thin barrier of oil left on your skin which locks in moisture. Hence, we have an ingredient that cleanses pores, removes makeup and moisturises

Step one? Choose an oil best suited to your skin type. I recommend coconut oil, as it suits most skin types. Coconut oil is also antibacterial, which helps prevent breakouts (buy here).

  • ALL skin types: Coconut oil / Jojoba oil / Sunflower oil
  • Normal skin: Jojoba oil / Sunflower oil / Sweet Almond oil
  • Dry skin: Olive oil / Argan oil / Avocado oil / Coconut oil
  • Oily skin: Coconut oil / Sunflower oil / Castor oil / Grapeseed oil / Almond oil / Jojoba oil
  • Combination skin: Grapeseed oil / Jojoba oil / Sunflower oil
  • Aged skin: Argan oil /  Rose Hip oil / Avocado oil
  • Sensitive skin: Grapeseed oil / Avocado oil

You can find most of these oils here. If you need help finding other ingredients my shopping guide may help you.


Lasted me about: 6 months (100ml Extra Virgin Olive oil)

Estimated shelf life: Each oil has a different shelf life, but most of them will last about one year if kept away from direct sunlight.

Remember: Most of these ingredients have a long shelf life and are common in natural recipes, so you will be left with ingredients to make more recipes, and won’t have to buy everything all over again.

*Costs accurate at time of writing this blog post.


Apply a thin layer of your selected nourishing oil to your face as you would apply cream/ face wash. I recommend using about 1-2 tablespoons in total. Rub the oil in circular motions, including around the eye area. Using a cotton ball, or damp face cloth (that you don’t mind getting makeup stains on) wipe the oil off and watch you makeup disappear.

Optional: Before wiping the  oil off, fill the basin with hot water and steam your face for a minute or two. This will help open your pores. Alternatively, soak a face cloth in warm water and use this to wipe your makeup off.

Tip: You can also use this as an everyday face wash, even without makeup.


  • Need to get over the idea that oil will clog your pores. 
  • Finding the right oil for your skin type.


  • This also acts as a nourishing moisturiser for your skin.

How well has oil cleansing worked to remove your makeup? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo credit: via Compfight cc