Conditioner: One ingredient for all hair types

natural conditioner recipeThis is the simplest recipe for conditioner, yet it is still incredibly more effective than any other synthetic product you will find. All you have to do is apply a natural oil to your hair. Yep, that’s it. This doesn’t even require a ‘recipe’, since it’s actually just a single ingredient.

The trick, however, is that conditioner is applied to the hair first, and then you use shampoo. So things just work in reverse order. You can find my natural shampoo recipe here.

The bottom line is that hair needs oil. I personally love Argan oil, and recommend it to everyone who can afford it. The results are worth every penny. My second choice would be coconut oil. However, different oils may be more effective for different hair types and much more affordable than Argan oil. I’ve researched these and here’s a list of other options:

  • Suits most hair types: Hemp seed / Jojoba
  • Normal hair: Jojoba / Olive / Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Dry, damaged or frizzy hair: Jojoba / Olive / Virgin Coconut / Grapeseed
  • Naturally curly hair: Jojoba / Sweet Almond oil 
  • Oily hair: Jojoba Oil
  • Thinning hair: Sweet Almond / Olive / Virgin Coconut
  • Dandruff: Avocado / Olive / Virgin Coconut

You can buy most of these oils here. Visit my shopping guide if you need help finding any other ingredients.


Lasted me about: 6 months (using once a week – 100ml Argan oil)

Estimated shelf life: Each oil has a different shelf life.

Remember: Most of these ingredients have a long shelf life and are common in natural recipes, so you will be left with ingredients to make more recipes, and won’t have to buy everything all over again.

*Costs accurate at time of writing this blog post.


Apply a thin layer of your selected nourishing oil to dry or slightly damp hair. I wouldn’t recommend using more than 1-2 tablespoons in total, otherwise it will be difficult to wash the oil out. Make sure you apply a thin coat to the roots, tips and body of your hair. Leave the oil in your hair for as long as possible, but for at least 10 minutes. Finally, wash your hair thoroughly with a good natural shampoo.


  • Don’t expect super soft hair in two minutes like the chemical stuff. Those are the phthalates people – we don’t like phthalates! (Just in case you were wondering, it’s pronounced “thal-ates”).


  • You can also use a pea-sized amount to style your hair and to tame frizz. Don’t apply to roots though, as the oil can weigh down your hair and make it look greasy. Apply to the body & tips of your hair for best styling results.

Recommended retail optionhemporium-natural-conditioner

If DIY just isn’t your thing, I recommend buying this product which I have personally used and approved: Hemporium’s Conditioner.

Do you have a favorite oil for your hair type? Please share your favorites in the comments below.